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Camellia Oil Bibimbap

A satisfying meal that is good for both kids and adults. With this recipe, you can prepare a healthy lunch for yourself or your children before you leave for work. So who says lunches are usually boring? 

Serves 1


1 crabstick (mocked), tear into strips

A handful carrot, julienned

A handful beansprout

Few leaves romaine lettuce

1 egg, sunny side up

1 bowl long grain rice, steamed

1 tablespoon Korean Gochujang sauce

1 tablespoon THE FIVE SEASONS® Camellia Oil

Sesame oil, small amount

Light soy sauce, sparingly


1) Put the rice to cook in the rice cooker. While waiting for the rice to be cooked, you can prepare the rest of the ingredients.

2) Tear lettuce leaves into small pieces and set aside.

3) Boil the crabstick, tear into strips and set aside.

4) Boil the carrot, drain the excess water, julienned and set aside.

5) Boil the beansprout, drain the excess water and set aside.

6) Fry the egg, ensuring the yolk is still runny and set aside.

7) When the rice is cooked, scoop into a bowl and arrange the prepared ingredients around it.

8) Place the fried egg on top of the rice, taking care not to break the yolk.

9) Scoop 1 tablespooon Korean Gochujang sauce and place it next to the egg.

10) Lastly, dress with THE FIVE SEASONS® Camellia Oil, sesame oil and light soy sauce. Enjoy!