Join Us

We arrange and hold various events and workshops throughout the year. Our aim is for the audience to learn why oils and fats are important to our health and what they do to our body. Besides, our tutor chef Miss Shi Yan is always generous in sharing her new recipes and cooking tips. So why not check out our event dates and locations below and come along!


All activities are postponed until further notice due to Covid-19


May 25th & 26th – Parents Day@Zenxin Organic 
May 10th – Real Yoga@Tampines Grande
Apr 21st – ZhaJiangMian Workshop@Mahota Commune
Mar 30th – Supernature@The Forum, Orchard Road
Mar 23rd – Kimchi Workshop@Mahota Commune
Mar 09th – Camellia Oil Talk@Mahota Commune
Mar 02nd – Zenxin Organic@Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre
Feb 02nd – Vegetarian Yu Sheng Workshop@Mahota Commune
Jan 12th – Rainbow Dumpling Workshop@Mahota Commune

Oct 27th – Xin Yuan@Fortune Centre
Oct 13th – Four Seasons@Parkway Parade
Oct 06th – Eat Organic@Bukit Timah
Sep 29th – Cooking Class@Fo You Yuan 
Sep 01st – Zenxin Organic@Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre
Aug 25th – Fats and Oils with Mahota@Kitchener Complex
Aug 18th – Keto Talk with Mahota@Kitchener Complex
July 14th – Cooking Class (Iced Mooncake) Nutrimax@Golden Landmark
July 07th & 08th – Mahota Anniversary Sale@Kitchener Complex
Jun 30th – Nutrimax@Golden Landmark
Jun 23th – Mahota@Kitchener Complex
Jun 16th – SuperNature@The Forum, Orchard Road
Jun 09th – Eat Organic@Bukit Timah
Jun 02nd – Zenxin Organic@Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre
May 27th – Four Seasons@Parkway Parade
May 26th – Four Seasons@GWC
May 19th &20th – Four Seasons@Parkway Parade
May 12th & 13th – Mahota@Kitchener Complex
May 05th – SuperNature@The Forum, Ochard Road
Apr 28th & 29th – Zenxin Organic@Pasir Panjang Whole Centre
Mar 17th – Nutrimax@Golden Landmark
Feb 03rd – Zenxin Organic@Pasir Panjang Whole Centre