Our Company

Our mission is to lead the world to enjoy pure Camellia Oil and embrace a healthy lifestyle!

Imperial Element Trading Pte. Ltd. (IET) is based in Singapore. Our business areas cover Camellia Oleifera seedling breeding and forest base construction, oil processing and distribution, as well as scientific research and consultation. We take pride in being the true believer in purity and proud advocates of nature.

Our R&D centre has successfully developed 30 new Camellia Oleifera cultivars that has seen oil yield increase 4-5 folds. To date, we have built 8 green and ecological Camellia Oleifera forest bases covering 20,000 hectares (25,000 football pitches) and enjoying an 85%+ preservation rate of Camellia Oleifera woods on average. We have independently compiled and printed a book called ‘Program Regulations of Technologies and Management for the Camellia Oleifera Woods Base Construction’ to help others in the industry.

Having invested nearly US$7.6 million, the construction of state of the art camellia oil processing line was completed in 2011. Amongst other factors, the constant temperature air drying technology has made it the most advanced processing line in the industry.


High Yield Cultivars

HACCP Standard

State Of The Art Production Line

In line with HACCP food safety compliance, our full manufacturing process starts from the very beginning. From nurturing, growing and breeding of Camellia Seeds (all harvested seeds are handpicked and quality selected) to Camellia Seed Oil production and packaging. Here at IET, every drop of our oil comes from the first press so all of the precious nutrients are maintained at the highest level. We ensure our product is 100% pure & organic, cold-pressed with regional and global quality certifications as our assurance to our consumers.